Our Pigs

Our rare-breed Tamworth pigs are totally free range. This means they are outdoors all year round.  We ensure they are moved onto fresh pasture regularly so are able to forage and root to their hearts content.

Approximately half of their diet is made up of vegetation including grass, apples from the orchard and acorns and chestnuts from the local woods. We believe that the quality and flavour of the meat is enhanced by maximising the natural elements of their diet. This has so far been borne out by feedback from our customers.

Our pigs grow at their own pace, meaning we are able to provide a pig that is the right size for you. For example our 5 month old Tamworth’s will produce around 35kg of joints and cuts (this excludes the head, offal and trotters)

You can buy a whole, half or even a quarter pig, each butchered or cured to your specific requirements.

Prices start from £6 per kilo delivered.

More information on the Tamworth breed can be found here