Traditional Free Range Chickens

The small flock of chickens are reared in accordance with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' (DEFRA) term "traditional free range" which means chickens have 24 hour access to pasture and stocking densities and flock size are strictly limited.

Our objective is to produce meat of the highest quality and bring back chicken to the table that has a flavour and texture long forgotten after an era of intensively reared poultry and even mass produced 'free range'..

From Pog Lane you'll get a chicken which is 100% chicken, no growth hormones or stimulants, no water, pork or other protein bulking additives, simply birds which actually live and feed in the open air, grow naturally and slowly gaining vital nutrition from the green vegetation on which they forage.

Bred to be outdoors
and reared for a minimum of 81 days these birds are actively encouraged to roam over grass and through the hedgerows to achieve the most natural diet and life possible for a chicken.

These slow-growing table birds are available now in weights or portions of your choice.

We can supply whole oven-ready birds weighing from 1.5kg to 4.0kg, boneless breast portions, boneless leg and thigh meat (ideal for casseroles and curries), whole boned birds to be stuffed and roasted as you'd like, bone-in legs, skinless breast meat goujons and more.

If you want a bird or more of any size up to about 4.00kg ( 9lb) 'capon' style for Christmas or at any time of year please contact us to order. Note that caponising has been illegal for about 20 years in this country so  anyone selling you a 'capon' is probably not being entirely straight and it is possibly just a big chicken grown as fast as possible. We always keep a number of cockerels to grow slowly on to a large weight for those big occasions and family feasts.

Please contact us for news and details of availability and prices.